If tooth decay or damage extends to the center of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels, bacteria in the tooth can lead to infection. Often this can be corrected with root canal therapy, but if the infection is so severe that antibioticsor a root canal do not cure it, an extraction may be needed to prevent the spread of infection.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

If periodontal disease, an infection of the tissues and bones that surround and support the teeth, has caused loosening of the teeth, it may be necessary to the pull the tooth or teeth.

3rd Molars (Wisdom Teeth)

That extra set of molars can push your other teeth around, causing mouth pain and bite problems. Problems with wisdom teeth can also lead to sinus pain, pressure, and congestion. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems with crowding of other teeth and even make treatment to straighten other teeth necessary.


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